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  • New Club Roster, 4/5/20, is on the Leaders & Members page.

  •  Visit our Facebook Page and Group!  Go to our home page, click on Facebook, and join our group (Visit Group button). 

  • In keeping with the suggested State and National precautions about transmitting the corona virus, we decided on the Sunday night net to cancel the Monday night social meetings at the CAP Building until it becomes clear that we will not be adding to the health emergency.  In place of the face to face meeting we decided to meet on the club's two meter repeater at 7:00 P.M. and discuss our usual important topics.

  • The National Weather Service (NWS) Detroit/Pontiac Office is hosting an opportunity for Skywarn Training in 2020 for the citizens of Southeast Michigan.  The training will be a WEBINAR on Tuesday, May 19th from 7 p.m. to 830 p.m.   If you cannot make the webinar on May 19th, we will be holding one more on Thursday, June 4th. 

    The training is reserved for residents of Southeast Michigan.  There is room for 1000 participants.  To register please go to...

    This training will be canceled if there is a threat of severe weather on May 19th.

    The Skywarn Training Class will feature topics such as weather safety, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, what to report to the NWS, and how to report to the NWS.  The Webinar will use the GoTo internet client.  Please be sure to give yourself enough time (about 15 minutes prior to the start) to download the necessary file to participate.

    We look forward to discussing the Skywarn topics with you on May 19th.