Breaking News!

Note: Breaking News will remain posted while relevant or for one month, then it will be removed.

  • The next club meeting will take place 8/26/19, 7:30 PM.  See Meetings page.

  • New Club Roster, 7/30/19, is on the Leaders & Members page.  If your name is missing, did you pay your dues?

  • The AARC two meter repeater and the K8ADM 440 machine are back up and running extremely well.  They are sharing a dual band repeater antenna at the 240 foot level of the WLEN tower.  We had many members involved in all aspects of this project, culminating in the successful installation of the repeaters.  We gave the repeaters a good workout Friday night to be sure that there were no remaining glitches.  Prez Ginny and VP Bob want to express their great appreciation to all that put in many hours to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

  • The floor work on the CAP building has been completed.  All meetings that took place in the airport lounge will once again be held in the CAP building.  The floor looks great!