Breaking News!

Note: Breaking News will remain posted while relevant or for one month, then it will be removed.

  • The next club meeting will take place as soon as the Board figures it out!

  • New Club Roster, 1/29/19, is on the Leaders & Members page

  • The links and information about kit building that Mark, NU8Z, presented at the November 26th club meeting are on the website.  You can find it on the Construction Corner link at the bottom of the page.  Or if you want to find it with one click, try this one :-)

  • 2019 Dues are due, $25.  Either send a check to our treasurer, or pay at the January 7th club meeting.  Let's try to get them paid on time this year so that Mark, NU8Z, doesn't have to chase people down.  I've loaned him my dreaded Wouff-Hong! 

  • Good deal on an almost brand new generator.  Check out the For Sale page.