Breaking News!

Note: Breaking News will remain posted while relevant or for one month, then it will be removed.

  • The next club meeting will take place 6/24/19, 7:30 PM.  See Meetings page.

  • New Club Roster, 6/5/19, is on the Leaders & Members page.

  • 2019 Dues are past due, $25.   Check the roster here, if it says 2018, it means your dues are past due for 2019.  You can pay them at the meeting, or send a check to Adrian Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 26, Adrian, MI 49221.

  • If you are a new operator, be sure to check out the Operating page for some helpful hints on how to get on the air.  A new podcast announcement has just been added, "So What Now?" that should be very interesting.

  • The Fulton County Amateur Radio Club has invited us to join them for Field Day this year, details are here.  Details  are also on their Facebook page here.  The CAP building is still having its floor worked on and will not be available to our club.