Breaking News!

Note: Breaking News will remain posted while relevant or for one month, then it will be removed.

  • The next club meeting will take place 3/30/20, 7:30 PM.  See Meetings page.  Also, we are now publishing the Minutes for the last meeting on the Meetings page so that they can be reviewed before the meeting.  Dues for 2020 are due at the January meeting...$25.

  • New Club Roster, 1/10/20, is on the Leaders & Members page

  • Minutes of 2/24/20 are on the Meetings page.

  • There is a new link on the Links page, down at the bottom,  "Everything you need to know about FT8".  An interesting site.

  • Our Facebook Page and Group are now live!  Go to our home page, click on Facebook, and join our group (Visit Group button).  We need more members in the Facebook group!  If you are on the 1/10/20 roster, just sign in, you are already approved.