Licensing Classes

In the past, Adrian Amateur Radio Club taught a Technician licensing class once a year.   We did not have the success rate that we wanted, partially because it was hard to stay on top of our teaching skills for a class that only occurred once a year.  Nevertheless, we wanted prospective Amateur Radio Operators in the Lenawee area to get licensed, and join our club for further help getting on the air.  We decided to go with the best resource available in the State.

The ARROW club in Ann Arbor has a one day Technician licensing class that they report has a 90 percent success rate!  KB6NU has developed materials to teach the Technician Class License and give the licensing exam all in one day!  They give the class very frequently and have been able to develop their teaching skills to concentrate on areas that give students problems.  Since they already have a very successful program, why try to invent the wheel?  Check out the Ann Arbor class here, and take the exam.  The Adrian Amateur Radio Club gives exams for all classes of amateur radio licenses once a month on demand (see "Adrian Exams" below).  We welcome new members and are ready to help you advance in this hobby!  Check out our Meetings page and come join us.

Adrian Exams

The Adrian Amateur Radio Club schedules amateur radio Exams the second Monday of every month at 7:00 P.M., upon demand.  To schedule an exam, contact the Volunteer Examiner Team not later than the first Monday of the month.  Walk-ins will be welcome, but be sure to check the "Breaking News" link on this website to see if a testing session has been scheduled.  If it is not posted, then the team will not be available. 

The exams are given at  the Lenawee County Airport, Civil Air Patrol Building on Cadmus Road in Adrian.  The CAP building is to your immediate right, as you enter the parking lot.  The address for your GPS is 2667 West Cadmus Road, Adrian, MI 49221. Click here for map.  (Disregard the map picture, the parking lot entrance is where the Adrian Amateur Radio Club sign is located)


bulletThe test fee is $15.00.
bulletEveryone will need a photo ID. (i.e. Drivers License)
bulletIf you are upgrading. YOU WILL NEED a photo copy of your existing license.

Hint:  AA9PW has an excellent website which will provide you with practice exams for Technician, General, and Extra class licenses.  Ham Exam is another great site to take practice exams. It would be a good idea to test your knowledge before you arrange to take the VE test.  When you can consistently pass the exams on the AA9PW site, and/or the Ham Exam site, you can be pretty sure that you a ready to take a shot at a VE exam.  The  AA9PW site also has some good programs for learning the Morse Code.  While Morse Code proficiency is no longer an FCC requirement to get an amateur radio license, it is used for many amateur radio activities, and can get the signal through when almost nothing else works.

If you want to learn the material for the Technician Class License on your own, download the free pdf file "The No-Nonsense Technician-Class License Study Guide (for tests given between June 2018 and July 2022)". This is the study guide used for the license class used by the Ann Arbor radio club by KB6NU.  The Adrian Amateur Radio Club gives exams for all classes of amateur radio licenses.  We welcome new members and are ready to help you advance in this hobby!  Check out our Meetings page and come join us.

Local Area Exams

Monroe, MI

Ann Arbor MI

Jackson, MI

Wausion, OH

Adrian, MI

Toledo, OH