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The Tickler is published by a committee headed by NU8Z, Mark, who does the layout.  The main reporters are you the readers!  In order to have the best publication possible, readers are urged to send Mark URLs of articles they they may have read on the web that others might find interesting.  Ham experiences, news tidbits, or anything concerning the hobby is all fair game.  Let's all make the Tickler great!

The new online Tickler is based on the popular Wordpress Content Management System (CMS) platform. It is a real-time newsletter that can be updated with new content at anytime. It is interactive in the sense that the postings may be commented on or questions asked. This provides a second layer of information and a means for some “back and forth” within the membership. As time passes and the content within the Tickler grows you will be able to select the month/year of interest via the archive, search and call up topics by categories, and search on keywords. The Tickler will also have an RSS function so that you may be notified when any new content is added if you wish.

Yes, this is something different, but very necessary.  We need think outside the box and use the available tools to develop a process that requires less work and eliminates end of the month deadlines. The amount of work required must be commensurate with the time we have available to manage it. The Tickler committee will need your help to make this work! 

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